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Drummer B is a self-made producer, DJ, art collector, and musical tastemaker whose name carries weight among Detroit’s music elites. Born and raised in Detroit, Leonard Ware, known as Drummer B, is no stranger to the music and entertainment industry. His knowledge and experience in music engineering, production and manufacturing, deejaying and executive producing has landed him credits on music and video projects worldwide.

With a vast record collection passed down from his grandmother and working retail at the historical White Records. Drummer B, developed an off the beaten path love for jazz, rock, hip hop, ghetto tech, and funk. His musical roots stem from Detroit’s musical melting pot, which influenced his love for all music genres– as he’s the nephew of Allen Barnes saxophone and flute player for the legendary jazz artist and group Donald Byrd and The Blackbyrds.

At first listen, Drummer B’s distinct sound takes you on a trip through dimensions and plateaus. He possesses the musical wisdom and soul of Marvin Gaye, the funk of Parliament and OutKast mixed with the hop of Jay Dilla and Timberland. His grind and gifts caught the ear of Radio One, which lead to the licensing of his tracks as background and commercial break music for FM Hip Hop station 105.9.

As Drummer B’s name circulated more throughout the industry, he began producing for various artist making major strides in the music industry. Drummer B worked with Detroit Che, D12, Proof of Iron Fist Records, Baatin of Slum Village, L’Renee, Stretch Money, Jack Frost, Danny Brown and Dope Head of the Bruiser Brigade crew.

In 2011 Drummer B, recorded Danny Brown’s XXX album under Fool’s Gold Records, he also produced, mixed and recorded 7 tracks on Dope Head’s critically acclaimed album “Plaid Palm Trees”, including the lead single “Airbags.” “XXX” and “Plaid Palm Trees’’ both were critically acclaimed albums receiving worldwide accolades.

Drummer B, is a true entrepreneur and self-starter. His record label Soul Touch Recordings, was developed to assist up and coming independent artist to produce high quality, noteworthy music. Drummer B decided on the moniker Soul Touch Recordings, because his music, and music of artists on his label, will touch the souls of listeners, just as great artists whom he admire have done for him. Drummer B is currently the founder and Creative Arts Director for the Glynn Street Arts Housing Center, in the heart of the historic Boston Edison District, Detroit, MI.

The Glynn Street Arts Housing Center will operate as a housing center of artistic excellence for the benefit and cultural enrichment of traveling artist, adults and children. The Glynn Street Project places the importance on education and outreach arts activities which reflect the values of quality, diversity, and creativity. 2016 is surely gearing up to be a wonderful year for Drummer B, as his exclusive partnership with 1xRun and Inner State Gallery gear up to release his Ghetto Tech digital CD and limited edition vinyl “Space Bounce.”