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Pierre Anthony is a rapper/singer/songwriter from Detroit, Michigan. Growing up in some of the rougher neighborhoods, music became his escape. Early in his career he created music with only a table, room key, and his voice; making him a force to be reckoned with. Influenced by Dave Hollister, Andre 3000, James Brown, and Green Day, his eclectic style has helped him create innovative music. With several singles under his belt, he has become known for the city anthem “Motor City”, and the ballad of his broken heart, “Don’t Love Me Like You Say You Do”. Pierre has been recognized as the 2012 Male Performance Artist of the Year by the Internet Radio Broadcasters Association and the 2013 Male Vocalist of the Year by the Detroit Black Music Awards. Currently Pierre Anthony is working on several projects including “Organized Chaos” and “Introducing” expected to be release by the end of 2016.