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Erikka Yvonne Simpson

EYCO Agency
Creative Director
Detroit, MI
Erikka Simpson knows how to turn trials into triumphs in more ways than one. Professionally known as Erikka Yvonne, she has created many avenues to exercise her purpose of helping others through her creativity. A product of a single parent home, the proud Detroiter found her calling during her undergrad tenure at Grand Valley State University. After graduating with a degree in Adverting and PR, Erikka hit the ground running.

She launched Erikka Yvonne & Company (EYCO), a digital creative agency, in early 2014. There, she created a great professional reputation for herself as Lead Creative Strategist where she took on local and national projects and campaigns.

A woman of many hats, Erikka is also COO of MISSion.31, an mentorship organization for young women and Co-Creator of The Pajamas and Purpose Tour.

"I believe in paying it forward. Mentoring and inspiring as many people as I can is my niche. It just comes naturally, so I feel it is my duty to help them understand that even a negative situation can be turned around to have a happy ending."

Her personal passion project is Strut in HER Shoes, an inspirational blog created as a platform for women of faith to share their personal, unique stories of perserverance through setbacks turned triumphant victories.

"Overall, I aspire to be an inspiration. Live to inspire and inspire to live is my motto. I'm just doing my part.”