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Phil LaColla

Alocito, Inc.
Founder & CEO
Detroit, MI
Phil LaColla is the founder and CEO of Alocito, an on-demand dining service that removes all wait times in restaurants. Phil caught the entrepreneurial bug at the age of 7 when he bought popular candies in bulk and sold them to his fellow classmates.

Before Alocito, Phil founded On The Go Advertising, a service that connects businesses looking to advertise on vehicles with drivers looking to make extra income. Phil went on to a successful career leading teams in many faculties of business.

With years of experience in the restaurant industry in various roles from server to cook, in 2015, he came up with the idea of Alocito on his lunch break. He was bored of the same meals everyday and wanted to dine out at one of the many local restaurants. The problem was he didn’t have enough time.

Phil is passionate about giving back to his community. Most recently Phil was the President of Michigan Avenue Toastmasters in Chicago, leading the club of 50+ members to #1 club in the division and increased membership by 35%. He is also the Director of Sales for the North Dearborn Associations Dearborn Garden Walk.

Phil is active in his church, leading and organizing community service and fellowship events. He is a graduate of Western Michigan University with a BBA in Electronic Business Design.

Alocito Bio: www.alocito.com

Alocito is an on-demand dining service that removes all wait times in restaurants. Use the Alocito app to order your meal in advance. Upon arrival to your chosen restaurant, you’ll be greeted by the host and shown to your table, and your meal will be served within minutes. Since payment is taken care of within the app you can leave at any time. Dine on your time with Alocito. It’s as easy as click, eat, and repeat! Sign up today for early access at Alocito.com.