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White Lake MI
Sandy Barris “The Measurable-Marketing-Madman” When people ask me, Sandy, what exactly do you do every day?—many times—depending on who I’m talking to, I start by saying that "I fix marketing that's not working" and add to that "I write and create direct response marketing (sometimes called "Junk Mail" but it's really creating effective marketing strategies to generate a business result").In a nutshell, I share with business owners ideas that grow businesses, catch the attention of future and existing clients, make a clear offer, ask for a response and provide an easy way to respond.You see... almost every client that calls & invites me in is the owner of their company and...— Either they already have someone who’s helping with their marketing and it's not delivering ROI.— Or, they're using in-house resources and what they're doing is almost (but not quite) working and they can't figure on whats missing.— Or, they’ve been comfortable, haven't marketed in a while and now need to market and are unsure what to do or even where to start.Which means, when you call and invite me in NOW, 248-335-8080, I'll share with you marketing strategies to help you that get more business from existing clients as well as how to get new clients to call you.And, I'll help you discover what’s unique and valuable about your products, services and ideas by asking you some tough questions to help create marketing messages that are clear, concise, powerful and profitable.But until you call me, you can find the wide variety of published tidbits about marketing, sales, business and life I post on a semi-frequent basis at: http://www.SandyBarris.com.

By the way, I’m also the CEO, Chief Accelerant and creator of "EASY SALES GOAL TRACKER APP" "The World's Fastest & Simplest (SAY "NO" To CRM) Way To Set & Track and Manage Your Personal Sales Goals ”Downloaded and used by 40K people in 117 nations. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/SalesGoalTracker/id592408093?mt=8