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As a Michigan State University Graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Relations and Policy, Lauren has set herself up to have a background that can flourish in multiple areas. Her student-led leadership experience coupled with the internship experience with the Michigan Democratic Party helped to solidify Lauren's consistent pursuit of the law and government realm. Lauren decided to utilize her degree to further pursue a Masters of Arts in Public Policy from The New England College. Lauren continued her career in the Finance Department of political campaigns, beginning on the Congressional Campaign of the 14th District of Michigan as Assistant Finance Director and then on to being the Finance Director for a Democratic Nominee for the 39th District for the Michigan House of Representatives. In total, Lauren helped to raise $800,000 in campaign elections in 2014, being the only Millennial African American woman in Michigan working in the fundraising realm of politics. Recently, Lauren transitioned from fundraising and is currently the Regional Operations Coordinator through the Oakland County Democratic Party for the statewide MI Time To Care Campaign. In February 2015, Lauren was appointed as Commissioner for the City of Southfield's Total Living Commission and was elected First Vice Chair of the Commission. Co-Founder Lauren is the driving force behind the business and development entity of Y.A.B. She has a passion for helping to develop businesses for women of color and further promote the businesses that already exist. Lauren's personal career in politics working with several corporate executives and business owners as campaign donors has helped to expand the Y.A.B. network. Through the business development entity of Y.A.B., Lauren works with co-working spaces to change the narrative and bring more women of color to their resources to create collaborations and opportunity. By fostering event collaborations and outreach to several female-owned businesses, Lauren helps to further flourish and carry out the Y.A.B. mission.

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, May 26

9:00am EDT