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Ryan Myers – Johnson is an arts administrator, dance educator and curator of place-based performance. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Dance and Film from the University of Michigan. Ryan has extensive experience in event planning, arts administration, management and leadership, stemming from her many years working in the feature film industry and dance production. After completing the obligatory traveling “muse” phase of her arts career, Ryan returned home to Detroit. Having grown tired of the “Ruin Porn” dialogue and cultural gate-keeping around arts access, Ryan founded Sidewalk as means to celebrate the city that nurtured her practice. She had a great experience as a young artist in Detroit. She attended the Detroit School of Arts as a dance and music major, prior to that she studied ballet at Marygrove College through the “Kid’s College” program. She begin her professional dance career at the age of 14 through auditions held at her high school. All of this was made possible by her exposure to arts in Detroit. Through Sidewalk, Ryan hopes to show people the magic Detroit that she knows best.