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Integrity Shows
I lead an eventful life. Organizing events and art projects for over thirty years. The first fifteen years with commercial projects, helping to grow a company to over 200 weekend events in 48 states annually. The last fifteen has been more rewarding. I've been focusing on art projects in the Detroit area. The event addiction means that I make good money organizing projects for other people, and then spend most of it inventing new projects, trying new things and exploring ways of energizing art. Two important projects that have influenced me- The Detroit Festival of the Arts, where Sue Mosey taught me that you never compromise on quality. Breaking even is nice, but not at the expense of Integrity. Thus my company name- Integrity Shows. The second is Jazzin on Jefferson. We started out on a semi abandoned strip of Jefferson with barely six or eight open store fronts. By creating an opportunity for people to feel safe in the area we helped to attract community investment. The most recent year I was involved we had pop-up stores in multiple newly refinished store fronts. Some of those pop-up businesses are still there. I believe that by creating intentional projects it is possible to support the community, build on the arts and to create synergy. New projects this year include the first Belle Isle Art Fair and the Shed 5 Art series where we are exploring alternative ways of presenting artists in a festival setting. On going projects include the Palmer Park Art Fair, the Funky Ferndale At Fair and lots of consulting.