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Six Pillars Painting and Powerswashing/ LUCK Inc.
Richard is a native of Detroit, engaged and a father of four children and 2 grandchildren.  Richard was incarcerated multiple times ranging from fraud to armed robbery, which led him to a 15 year stay at both Federal and state prisons.
In the last 5 years of his incarceration he facilitated classes in critical thinking, effective communication, conflict resolution and ethical reasoning and leadership skills.  Richard was successful at training individual to resolve issues inside, which led to less incidents for prison staff. During this time, he developed a housing unit within the prison that allowed for a positive environment for men to work on their thinking. Mr. Speck's belief system was that if you change the way an individual thinks, you will indeed change the way that they respond or act.
Upon his release, Richard co-founded an organization LUCK, Inc. that concentrates on the transformation of an at risk population. This population can vary from youth, imprisoned men and women and the citizen that has returned home.  The goal is to teach values to individuals that need to transform the way they think, what they value and their behavior. His mission is to give back to the communities that he took so much from.  Mr. Speck’s passion is to make a difference in those who are incarcerated, to help those that have been and to lower the rate of recidivism.
Mr. Speck is majoring in Education with a Minor in Urban development at Wayne Community College, with a GPA of 3.5.  No degree will ever qualify him to train and mentor youth as much as his past failures and life experience.  It is important for the individuals to be able to identify and relate.  Degrees are good, but understanding where they are, is golden.  As a trained mediator, Richard volunteers his services to The Resolution Center.  He mediates court cases and helps individuals resolve conflict and reach an agreement, instead of having to involve a judge.  Richard teaches men and women at Goodwill effective communication, anger management and how to problem solve.
 Mr. Speck is an owner and operator of Six Pillars Painting and Power Washing.  His goal is to use that avenue to provide job training and employ those in need of employment.  Gainful employment can help individuals move on with their life, build credibility and support those they love.