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Rob St. Mary

Director of Outreach
Michigan USA
After a 14 year career in commercial & public radio, I decided to take the lessons learned on the streets covering neighborhoods, arts, & culture, and turn them outward as a way of improving the things I’ve loved all my life. As not only a Patronicity employee but a success story, I know what the platform can do for the individual and the larger community to open opportunity. Beyond my work here, I’m also a huge film and music fan, published my first book in the Fall 2015, and continue to play guitar/bass. I enjoy time with friends, fine food, and my cats.

I'd love to talk to people who are interested in how Patronicity's crowdgranting model - $4.6 million funded over 70 projects and a 98% success rate - can help them deepen engagement and create new reasons for long time locals & new arrives to embrace their community.