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Yusef Shakur

YBS Consulting, LLC Author of "The Window 2 my Soul; 08", "My Soul Looks Back; 12" & "Redemptive Soul: The Yusef Bunchy Shakur Reader; 14" Producer of the documentary "Detroit's Native Son" www.yusefshakur.org 313-459-6008

Yusef Bunchy Shakur is well versed in the language and syntax of the difficulties of being raised by a single parent, engaging in the sub-culture of the streets and gang life as an outlet for anger and desire to find kinship, mass incarceration where he went to prison for a crime he did not commit and ultimately met his father there who helped him redeem his life and Detroit where he resides as a fulltime Neighborhood organizer. He is an interpreter of the language of the Black experience from its pain, anger and to its hope. He offers sage advice on how to help re-spirit and re-build human beings, families and broken communities plaguing from years of lack of support and social decay. And he is a redeemed son of the notorious Zone 8 neighborhood: where his feet is firmly planted as helps to resist the gentrification by big corporations and helps to develop and cultivate neighborhood leadership to do the work of Restoring The Neighbor Back To The Hood.